Monday, July 31, 2006


There are some things that can over come loneliness and frustration….these are the things that matter most to you. But just when you think that you have over come your self and what time is imposing you to get thru you begin to seek the soltitude that being alone can bring you. Just when you think you are having fun and you’ll be alright the mind seeks you to drop everything you have been exhausting to cover up what it is imposing you to face and go thru…the excruciating pain of contemplating reality.

Awhile ago I was with my family reminiscing history of how I came into existence. My family was having meeting of how to go about the big plan of a grand reunion and of producing a book. Now I have a thought, the past was all so simple when we were just kids nothing to worry about but what to play or whom to play with. Or it was even simplier then when I was not yet in existence. But the turn of events…my grandpa and grandma met having my ma and my ma and pa by chance have met and having me had all these things happen to bind me now in my ordeal?

When is a person’s fate destined to happen? Is it from the time he or she is conceived that all the things that would bound to happen will definitely happen to him or her? Or is it the circumstances or the choices one makes that make the fate of a person happen… I wonder?

For if it was written and bound to happen just when my existence here on this earth was certain then I would not blame myself of what I am going through right now otherwise I would be guilty of my imprudence. But come to think of it? Did I choose to take up law and become a lawyer ? Is it my own demons after all that have led me to be so confused? What makes up a person’s life and fate? Am I to be blame for he things that is happening to me that should not happen?

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