Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well I have not written a single word for quite some time now....now I just want people to know I still exists and I could think of anything to write. Sometimes your mind is clear, your thoughts just pass you never noticing the things that were in your mind.
In the pass few days I have been wanting to write but have no time to do so....its kindda ironic...now I have time but I could not remember the things that I wanted toggle in here. Hmmm well I just thought of life being soooo like this. When there so little time there are a lot of things to do and when you have time you could not think of those things you have missed and wanted to do when you haven't got a minute.
I have an ample of time in front of the net but then again I wonder what would I speak of...now where the hell is my mind. Maybe I was so preoccupied with a lot of things that now my mind just want an empty piece of it.
Nothing....niente sometimes creates a lot of things to speak or write of. Just exactly what does the word means? Beats me. Now I think of nothing but I am toggling some words here. Now I wonder does nothing really means itself or is there something behind the nothng ness...the voidness to speak of. Nothing sometimes speaks of silence and as they say silence speaks more than a thousand words. What then am I speaking right now? Am I speaking a thousand words or just nothing at all.
Well maybe nothing at all...just want you to know I'm back. And maybe the next time I can figure out the words I have been wanting to write and bring back my wits. Well talk about clearing all the cobwebs......