Saturday, December 9, 2006


“What are you waiting for?” Did someone ask you this question already? Exactly what is the meaning of this question? If we try to think about it there are a lot of meanings of this question. It depends on what is in the frame of mind of the person asking and the circumstances of the person being asked.
People have different perspective in life some would want it to take it easy while others would want to take things so fast. Other’s are just contended with what they have while some would want more to happen or to achieve in their lives.
What is there to wait in life? Is it the fact that we have to achieve something in our own fields and careers? Is it someone that would complete us and make us whole? Is it something that we are obliged to do or ought to do? Or is it a mission that we ourselves still don’t know. That is the mystery.
The question sometimes pressures the person being asked to do something which he should do but he or she is not doing something about it. But what if, what is being waited is not yet in existence or not visible or it is yet unknown? How then can we answer such a question?
Did it ever occur to you to stop a while to think and ask yourself, “How is my life? Am I doing what I really should do, obliged to do or should I do something I really wanted to?” People rush in to things because they just want to achieve something that they think they want to do but then again in reality they have chosen a path which leads them to emptiness. Why? Because the truth of the matter is that they are confused with something that they think they really want to do with something they really should or obliged to do, born out of necessity and blind perception of maybe influences, material things or whims and caprices and not what their passion dictates.
Some people believe that there is no time for waiting and things should be done right away without carefully thinking or studying. However there are also those who wait and see, studying carefully their next move to know what they really want to do instead of doing what they should do. I don not mean that these kind of people are the passive kind, no not at all, they too are people in action but have to study and scrutinized their every move.
Life is not something to rush on to. It is a journey to a destination, the path of which we don’t know. Hence such journey can be said to be “THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.” As a lost traveler, one must use his or her head and at the same time instinct if logic does not apply or both. A traveler cannot use only his or her instinct if logic and the facts are so clear to lead him to a way where his aim or goal is.

It is a pity that sometimes when one is being asked with such a question as above, he or she is driven by thoughts that somehow waiting is inutile, that one must act mechanically without thinking and so decisions which result to a way lead into the wrong way and not achieving the goal …of what he or she really wants. And so mistakes are often committed. And when this happen as likened to a lost traveler, he or she becomes frustrated and becomes disillusioned that the destination will never be reached, to do that which is desired by his or her passion. Hence becomes lost in the woods of despair and misery.
Waiting is always associated with patience. If we have patience to wait for something or someone then surely the right decisions will lead us to achieve our goals it is our map in going about our journey. We make our own path, our own fate and as such we should be very careful …to wait that is, with our choices and decisions in every aspect of our lives. No one is accountable for the life of an individual but himself alone.
But when what is being waited is obviously there and the person being asked is not doing anything about it then the question comes into play as an eye opener a push for an action to be done by the person being asked. Simply put, if nothing is done then time will only dragged the thing or person being waited and throws it into delay thus waiting is no longer the question but an opportunity wasted. Well this is for those who does not have to wait and know very well all there is in front of him or her and there is a crystal clear path to travel the journey of life.
Me, I still don’t know what I am waiting for I’m just here contemplating what am I waiting for. Maybe an unaccomplished business….hmmmm to save an innocent man from being put to jail or worst to death?… an opportunity to write a good book?… to become somebody someday?…I still don’t know, but I surely want to wait, You….. “What are you waiting for?”