Monday, October 29, 2007


Sometimes If ask myself a question

And if I cannot find the answer

I look up the sky

And wonder





Sometimes its face is cloudy

And so I cannot find the answer

The sky does not know the answer

Sometimes the sky is clear

And it gives me the answer

Because the sky knows the answer


Sometimes it rains

And so I cannot have the answer …

…but I know the sky know the answer this time but

Is just sad to tell the truth of the answer….

Friday, October 26, 2007


Just one impression and you turn a friendship out. In this world I do not know how friendship is made. Is it how you look at one person the first time you see him or her is it how you see him or her grow by the times you are friends.

Sometimes or more often than not the world is a crazy world one time you make friends the next time you lose some. And the hardest part is when what you lose are those friendship you value most.

I cannot understand why friendship have barrieirs…language for example… time…circumstances, etc etc. Why does friendship end when you feel you are most comfortable with at that stage? It is such a stupid and ironic concept of life. Why does friendship between a man and a woman have boundaries whereas friendship between the same gender does not have? Why does it hurt so much to lose a friend? Why?

Why is friendship strange when you feel you are most comfortable with and why the barriers? And why you feel you have to let go when you feel it so good to keep em? Why?

What is it between friendship and love? Is there an unwritten rule between the bounds of friendship and love especially between a man and a woman? Why does one of them feel one has to let go when everything is doing much ok? Why? Answer me please?

If that is the case then I would not want to interact the opposite sex to be a friend…You know it is really hard to let go and much harder to end friendship when you feel and know you feel much comfortable with?

Why is it that when one feel so much comfortable with the other the other more often misunderstand? Why? What is it that they call friendship? Am I missing something here? Tell me because I am willing to know….

Why is the word friendship invented in the first place if it does not work when it goes deeper and profound? Damn that word if it does not work! Damn people if they do not feel the word at all!

Now you tell me what is friendship all about? Tell me how it works and I tell you if it is friendship I feel. All I think is that friendship is a word which means that two people are willing to go beyond the bounds of earth to help each other. To be an ear when the other needs a third. ….does it need to be the same sex to call someone a friend? I think Mr. Webster is wrong then and need to be modified what indeed is a friendship. Who are these we can so call friends?

Are they someone who pierce our heart and let us stop for a moment? Now I am confused what is indeed a friend?