Friday, November 30, 2007


The city of New by day as I walk the streets of this city....there is a bit silence but it is as if her voice whispers into my ears telling me her own story, as if she wanting me to know her past to understand more of her present.
She embraces me with her warmth...the culture of the 8 Million people that sojourn in her bossom. 8 million people...of different culture...different races...different causes...different creeds and different reasons for living. It is a wonder how a vast number of population melts in one place and blend a certain culture....the New York culture...that is.
Yes there is no place like New if she has meant to be the solace of lost souls like mine ....the home of my body. It is an old City but it is trancedental and dynamic to the changing of time. It's grandeur remains with the fact that while it changes and runs with the phase of time it retains the richness of her history thus her own story to share every traveler that wanders her four corners....
The City that never sleeps....the place where you can see people in black...walking so fast in a rat race everyday...the 24 hour bars...the sound of the FDNY engine and the NYPD car even late at night....the subways and the yellow taxis...the slices of pizza during lunchtime....the deli....the hot dogs ..the baseball games at Yankee stadium....the wtaer taxis...
.....the Central Park....the Chrysller Bulding....the Statute of Liberty....the Wall Street...Grand Central....Time Square especially at night....and yes the Empire state Building...the Rockefeller Building...St. Patrick's Cathedral...the Brooklyn Bridge...the Lincon Tunnel....the 4 Borroughs ...Manhattan...Brooklyn....Bronx....Staten Island...Queens...all of tmake up the City into one dimension..of time being lost from all other worlds
Nueva York a place not only for artists...lovers..traders but also soul searchers. ...slowly she guides souls into a journey..into the road of compassion and leads them out from the fear of the unknown hence ..into their truest selves out from inhibitions and gallantly be a true blood new yorker. Firm but not rude....snob not arrogant....independent but not selfish....unmedling but not apathetic....
This is my home...this is who I am and this is me

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yesterday was not just like any other day….if any other day is colored gray, I would describe yesterday as a techni color one. I had it lightly filled with answers and finally ( I hope) I’m finding my way back home. Little by little the fragments of good memories I left slowly coming back as if leading me to where I should be going.

Now I realize I am just one of those people suffering from amnesia. That memories and the feelings that I once had, have been robbed by time and circumstances that had happened accidentally. Well so far so good I think I am doing fine. I hope I get to have this kindda feeling everyday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



I WAITED…………….