Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Long Lost Verse

June 14, 2006 it was...well my birthday ..I was on my way to an 8 hour drive trip, I have to attend an important meeting...when I opened a text message from a very long time friend of mine. I knew it was a birthday greeting of some sort but I read on the lines, it came to me that they were very familiar. The lines were too much familiar for me to forget as if it have been a part of me. Only to find out at the end of the text message that indeed it was one of my creation way back when I was still giving into in my own demons deep within. My friend Dang...well sige na nga (I have to give her the credit) did went over her blue corona notebook journals way back and she tried to find that poem I wrote which she copied it there....well that was the best b-day text I ever received. And the poem goes like this:

( 1993 )
I just like you
like Outlaws like anarchy
I want you
As communism wants equality
I rely on you
Just as
A perfectionist relies on practice
I respect you
Just as a
Country respects one’s religion
I believe you
Just as
The French believed in a revolution
I trust you
Just as
The Judiciary cherishes its laws
I miss you
Just as like an
outcast misses society
I love you
Just as
Poets love creating verses
I belong to you
Just as
The earth belongs to the Universe

I could not imagine that that poem was written almost 13 years ago and she had managed to preserve it in her old blue reliable thorn and tattered journals. So to you Dang Thanks a lot for giving me back...or rather maybe...for reminding me this poem.

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Vero said...

i am deeply affected. send mo naman sa email ko please. i know someone who can also appreciate the poem.