Thursday, November 15, 2007


Yesterday was not just like any other day….if any other day is colored gray, I would describe yesterday as a techni color one. I had it lightly filled with answers and finally ( I hope) I’m finding my way back home. Little by little the fragments of good memories I left slowly coming back as if leading me to where I should be going.

Now I realize I am just one of those people suffering from amnesia. That memories and the feelings that I once had, have been robbed by time and circumstances that had happened accidentally. Well so far so good I think I am doing fine. I hope I get to have this kindda feeling everyday.


Anonymous said...

i can feel every word stated...each word sinks inside and sedates every pain it caused...yes, even if u're far,what matters are the thoughts from a true friend that is nothing beyond compare and she knows that u will always be there for her...
when i read this, i cant stop my tears..(bonna is also a dear friend to me).

I am said...

There is bliss in loosing control too..

hope you see or feel it someday..

I am sorry I think I showered your blog with my comments.. the "damnatio..." thing caught my soul..

Don't know where your journey heads..wish you all the best..

but the main journey lies into your heart.. rest all are illusions of different form..defined by the brain..

I have been in similar quests, confusions and state for almost a year now.. but i have found my answers..

hope you find yours..sorry for scribbling so much...