Sunday, September 30, 2007


Last night I had a lot of thoughts by they seem to be racing up but my wits cannot seem to cope up. I wanted to do a lot of things just not to remain idle….for if I remain so I get bored and the next thing I know I will again be doing the inevitable.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and on the process it gave me a lot of realization. But these realizations do not seem to wake me up.

The more I ran away as fast as I can from reality the more I become so confuse. As if my heart resents me pleading to face whatever there is to face and to figure things out before I find my way out and to head back home.

After a while…. I am afraid I never been home, and I desperately want to be back home.
The more I repress myself to do the things my mind tell me not to do, the more I get so confused.

I dream a lot in my sleep…pleasant dreams. Dreams that are surreal that unlike reality it only gives you the best of times and not accompanying the feeling of guilt. There are some things that make you feel so good but such comes out of timing…. one writer once said “It was the best of times and yet the worst…”