Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bad hair day and clean hands

> Did you ever encounter a bad hair day … bad hair week or even a bad hair month....bad hair life?

A mistake that back flash to you at a thousand stabs???

You are sane right and you know you are … you just wanted to be different a non conformist and you get to be misunderstood. And all forms of assassination come … the only one lacking would be that to assassinate you and curtail the link between your nose and the air you breathe.

You are a person with body and soul … you have your discernment … your very own. You choose how to live your life. And there is no better driver to drive your car than you yourself. But then along the way there are backseat drivers or if it could be possibly term as out of the car drivers that would criticize your every movement … every word you utter and even every breathe you breath … and yeah every blink your eye will do.

The clean hands doctrine… I do not know but in the law as taken from as early as the time of Pontius Pilate. One who can go to court or a tribunal and air out his or her grievance should have clean hands … a clean conscience. Other wise the court will live you as the complainant and the respondent as you are because you are in pari delicto.

But sometimes you cannot gauge the people trying to hurt you back for your mistakes if they are indeed conscious of what they are doing … letting you pay for your undertakings intentionally or it is just plain stupidity …. Or maybe I is just the turn of events and mother nature or the ALL KNOWING>>>EVER PRESENT UP (I call HIM that) is punishing you.

Is it malevolence …vendetta or just turn of coincidence that turns a peaceful coexistence of man into anarchy and chaos?

And anent the above you would think that there is someone or maybe an external force making an offset of your undertakings to load upon you those undertakings which you do not owe. I mean it is a given fact that we inherited Mom Eve and Dad Adam’s original sin. But are we to blame also for the murderous rage of our very first brother Cain towards our other brother Cain? I never saw that …

What do you do with wrong perceptions about you by people? Will you just let it slip by because you know deep within you know the truth? Ortry to explain until things gets worst and the sins of the world will be put on you as a burden like the stuff in Atlas’ shoulder because you will never be given a chance to take the floor because of the former wrong you did? OR continue on try to explain until you dry up your saliva … you catch your breath until you made your point?

And when is that? I think never … You can never show a man who had a deliberately blindfold himself … stuck on the ear plugs on his ears … and made his round head all boxed up.

So I guess it is better to shut up or you will get into disaster … a terrible one….


Copyright Symbol 2006


Interpreted poem of Guiseppe Ungaretti
by: Delorko Olinko

After such


one by one

the stars


I breath in

the freshness

which leaves me

the color of sky

Know myself again




whirled immortal

This and the poem on my previous post was written by Guiseppe Ungaretti, an Italian soldier of war. As a soldier during the war that he has been through he wrote many short poems ... the once he experienced along the way ... those that he witnessed in the said war and what he actually felt through his struggle of his emotions... wits ... and for him to keep his sanity and his heart as a whole.

Indeed it was writing this beautiful and insightful lines which made him conquer all of which he was prone to under the war ... making him sensitive mostly to his consciousness to the universe and to dear life.

Although Ungaretti pertained all his poems with the war he experienced ... one could relate most of his thoughts with his or her life ... of everyday living.

The poem in this post ... I interpret it as

losing one's self in the middle of vagueness and subsequently calmly finding it again ...

... surpassing something imeasurable and realizing that one is still whole ... thus breathing again ... and aware of mostly one's existence...
Copyright Symbol 2006

Monday, January 28, 2008


‘I flood myself with light
of the immense’
(TRANSLATED WORK OF Giuseppe Ungaretti 1933)
The point is the effect of any vast realityof the physical universe on the human soul...
One should be exhilarant, with a sense of expansion, of inner radiance.
One should not be illuminated from without by sea or sky;
As Ungaretti we should illuminate ourselves by the contact: the fire of our souls burning high and
clear in its excitement...
from notes by JF Nims in ‘The Poem Itself’, Penguin Books, 1960
From my own notes:
sometimes in our understanding of things
we are illuminated by ur own wisdom
our own understanding and wisdom that makes us see things in our own
maybe right ... maybe wrong
so we need the wisdom coupled with some aid of the universe
and nature
amidst the darkness
we should not be forever dwell on our own misseries
but to let the inner radiance to shine upon us and make our days brighter
thus each one of us makes our own mornings from the light within
nothing could go wrong as long as we know what we believe in
and where we stand is the right path illuminated by truth
( continuation connected to another poem tomorrow)
gud eve

Friday, January 25, 2008


Old New York (Members’ Choice Album 10/12/07)

Is it the past .... is it the present .... is it the future

Chill of the breeze but no white

How cold

walks … stares … listens


Granduer … street trash

Black or white


Where do you belong?

Sirens sounds

Her voice

Is it silence or noise?

Wet grounds … dry breath

Where do we stand?

Floating or Fleeting

Stand firm or with crutches

Straights and circles

Exits …entrances

One cigarette pls.

Ma’am/ Sir show me your ID

Are you the legit to smoke cigs?

Old friends … New Ones

Stone …. Sponges

Will you stay or will you go?

Everyday … All the time

The black robes walking

The echoes of the tunnels

The yellows moving

Spinning around her sky

Sea stays

The book on her hand

The flame on raising on the other

the stare in million miles

In the middle of Atlantic

Where she stand

She will remain


Copyright Symbol 2006

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

odds and probabilites



The Odds and Ends of Life ….

How do we perceive things? How do we infer the identity of a person?

Does it mean that if I share the same birthday with Donald Trump and both of us live in New York … we are one and the same person?

Does it mean that Richard Gere who practices Buddhism … he alone can do that and no one else …
… and that if Jennifer Lopez who practices it as well, is one and the same person as Richard Gere?

If in my house, a work of a famous artist is displayed and you went to another house … and you saw the very same art piece, will you infer that that house too is mine?

Is the personal information of each one of us here on earth just exclusive for each?

Is it impossible in this world for 2 different individuals to have 3 … 4 … 5 sheer coincidences of their personal information … likes …etc. etc…..

The Odds and ends …. Is it not possible for 2, 3 or more persons have similar coincidences about them… or some personal information about them?

The earth’s population now is 6, 641, 114, 623 billion. Each second there is a birth rate of 4.17. Hence it is not impossible that there are a number of people sharing the very same birth date…. And year… more so with people who have the same birth date but different year …or same birth months.

And with this population it is not also unusual for a lot of people having the same letters in their name or pseudo names considering the fact that there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.

Concepts mostly like religion … philosophy … words thoughts are accessible to anyone and no one owns anything because they are common species … genus… noun …concepts.

Religion is a set of common beliefs and practices generally held by a group of people. It is a “way of life”.

Philosophy is a discipline concerned with questions of how one should live (ethics), what sorts of things exist and what are their essential natures (metaphysics), genuine knowledge (epistemology); and what are the correct principles of reasoning (logic).

Both are free for everyone and no body can stop anyone from using it … no one owes it for even the founders can not do so. And they can be adopted not only by one person nor just a community nor a race but the whole of human race … free access by anyone in this four corners of the earth.

Used as a practice by anyone …. or adopt it as a name of your dog … child … who cares… you are free as anybody to do so.

Just the same admiring and following the works of famous and world renowned people is free … accessible … anybody can display a reproduction of their work…

What is unusual is that when one person admiring a work or ideology or religious practice known only to his or her country or by him or her alone …

…and another identity… purporting to be of another nation displays to admire the same where in fact is not famous in his or her nation and more coincidences are similar with them.. then there is certainty that the 2 identity are the same.

In this world …. There is always probability that eliminates the odds of coincidence and impossibility …

…. you can take any word and use it at your own pleasure … you are free … thus it is not improbable that 2 or more persons have the same name … birthday … place …likes … etc etc.

It is good to be critical...because we are the rational animals, but when it exceeds the truth … that is another thing …

To accept one’s mistake and fault is humility and one should do so … but to accept an accusation which in fact is not true is stupidity.

For whatever it is worth ...

For what ever wrong done..... the debt is paid .

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Music that I want ...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This morning …when I opened my eyes it was you who I remembered first

You know you are not getting any younger

So you have to take care of your self

Thank you for everything

I can see your smiles from afar

I can hear your voice …singing your favorite songs

I can see your moves dancing in the air

I can feel your touch

I may not be there physically but in thoughts and in spirit I am with you

Well happy birthday Mom….

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Just a typical Saturday …had a couple of beers with a friend while I am doing this post … I did not go out this Saturday.

Shopping time ….

Tomorrow I’ll go at Macy’s …at 34th street to buy jeans. Wanted to buy a pair Citizen’s for humanity the dark denim. And probably grab a bite at Gray’s Papaya … well the best hot dog in town. Then have some walking and buy a hoodie at Abercrombie and Fitch … I saw this blue jersey hoodie last year and I really wanted to get it.

I do not usually shop anything at once … it will take me time to decide whether to buy the stuffs I want. Well not an Impulsive Buyer type …. I do not buy it at once and in the next day if it is still there …then it was really meant for me to buy it. And hoping to wait it to go on sale……. It helps not to be in a rush … saves you the bucks …. And it helps you realize whether or not you really want it.

Now I am yawning ….. I guess I’ll go get my 40 winks

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


> I slept over … without posting this last night …

It has been a long day yesterday… but a quiet one …. and I guess it was ok. I woke up at 6 am … and I had breakfast, big breakfast at 7 am … then went to the library to read. I need some work to get done…so I stayed there till lunch. Had kebab for lunch…

Then I went for a walk to the house of my friend Diane at Bethune St. … a swiss widower living at Bethune St. she and her husband are artist …nice apartment ..high ceilings … no furniture just the perfect spot to contemplate and draw …the building where mostly artists of this side of the city live young and old .. I did a sketch there ….

This times I like drawing a lot … it makes me feel good specially when I am at Diane’s place…she draws but most of the time writes poems … well I regret I cannot read her poems because it is all in Swiss .

Diane … I met here in Union Square park she was sitting on a bench with her note book writing some poems…

….well has some problems with remembering she met an accident 10 years ago …. And that impaired her coherence and memory of things. She has to ask me questions from time to time … like Drew Barrymore in 51st dates … but such a sweet lady….she needs to be reminded from time about things.

But I like talking to her she knows a lot about things …cool old lady. She drinks a “Shnoop shnoop” …a glass of wine at dinner and she likes eating swiss cheese a lot.

I enjoyed my whole day today reading … then went to visit a friend and we shared making art… talking about art.

Well nice day … a pleasant day …. My kindda day something I had been looking for …for quite some time.

I miss this kind of bloging …about myself…a bout what I do…