Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bad hair day and clean hands

> Did you ever encounter a bad hair day … bad hair week or even a bad hair month....bad hair life?

A mistake that back flash to you at a thousand stabs???

You are sane right and you know you are … you just wanted to be different a non conformist and you get to be misunderstood. And all forms of assassination come … the only one lacking would be that to assassinate you and curtail the link between your nose and the air you breathe.

You are a person with body and soul … you have your discernment … your very own. You choose how to live your life. And there is no better driver to drive your car than you yourself. But then along the way there are backseat drivers or if it could be possibly term as out of the car drivers that would criticize your every movement … every word you utter and even every breathe you breath … and yeah every blink your eye will do.

The clean hands doctrine… I do not know but in the law as taken from as early as the time of Pontius Pilate. One who can go to court or a tribunal and air out his or her grievance should have clean hands … a clean conscience. Other wise the court will live you as the complainant and the respondent as you are because you are in pari delicto.

But sometimes you cannot gauge the people trying to hurt you back for your mistakes if they are indeed conscious of what they are doing … letting you pay for your undertakings intentionally or it is just plain stupidity …. Or maybe I is just the turn of events and mother nature or the ALL KNOWING>>>EVER PRESENT UP (I call HIM that) is punishing you.

Is it malevolence …vendetta or just turn of coincidence that turns a peaceful coexistence of man into anarchy and chaos?

And anent the above you would think that there is someone or maybe an external force making an offset of your undertakings to load upon you those undertakings which you do not owe. I mean it is a given fact that we inherited Mom Eve and Dad Adam’s original sin. But are we to blame also for the murderous rage of our very first brother Cain towards our other brother Cain? I never saw that …

What do you do with wrong perceptions about you by people? Will you just let it slip by because you know deep within you know the truth? Ortry to explain until things gets worst and the sins of the world will be put on you as a burden like the stuff in Atlas’ shoulder because you will never be given a chance to take the floor because of the former wrong you did? OR continue on try to explain until you dry up your saliva … you catch your breath until you made your point?

And when is that? I think never … You can never show a man who had a deliberately blindfold himself … stuck on the ear plugs on his ears … and made his round head all boxed up.

So I guess it is better to shut up or you will get into disaster … a terrible one….


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ipanema said...

i've come across situations like this. it's futile if the other party turns a deaf ear - purposely. it's hard. the more you explain, the more entangled it becomes. personally, i let it go by. i am sometimes surprised i can sleep through it.

i hope the other one would be enlightened one day.

thanks for the visit. :)

Forever Young said...

your site is fast becoming part of my daily reading enjoyment. i've given you the 'you make my day' award (look at my site). thanx for being you.

Forever Young said...

love your words and the images you show us. am giving you the 'you make my day' award. cos you do.look at my site.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

For me I find it best to air my grievances/defend myself once. I am just one of those people who has to say something.

If I am not understood because the person is choosing to remain ignorant or I am not heard because the person chooses not to listen, I leave it be. No point in aguring with a stone.

Diana Evans said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and I am so happy to have found your blog!!!


Jeremy Neal said...

Clean hands - clean conscience. I'll remember that every time I wash my hands now. Thanks!

Diana Evans said...

that would be great...tag away!


playwithwordsxoxo said...

liked your blog :)

hope you can visit me and join in my new site:


feel free to write a "quip!"


BBC said...

What do you do with wrong perceptions about you by people?

I just tell people I meet that everything they hear about me is true. There is always some dumb jerk seeing us as some kind of bad and making up stupid stuff about us the make us look bad and make them feel better about ourselves.

If the people you know and meet can't take the effort to get to know you and be their own judge of you to heck with them.

The ones that start rumors about you always fade off into the 'nothing' sooner or later. And are not believed by smart people anyway.

I cut my own hair, have for years. :-)

Diana Evans said...

thanks again for the Birthday wishes and I would love to share some cake with you....

I only took a little snippit of the liberty illustration I I am holding off to see if it makes it on the cover of the New Yorker...

New York is one of my favorite cities....and you're so lucky to be there...

have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to my visits here...


Ces said...

Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. I laughed at the bad hair day photo. It is really scary. I think people in general have an open mind about others, except when you are walking in a dark alley and meet someone who looks scary, then you ask yourself, how did I get here? I hope that unless someone committed a terrible crime, mistakes ought to be a part of our life and should not be taken to one's grave.

paintblack said...

thank you for the link
I am flattered to be of your friends
has soon...Anto
(Il faut que je trouve un bon traducteur pour comprendre vos textes avec précision... je suis trés mauvais en Anglais)

zirelda said...

People see what they want to see and I have found no amount of defending yourself works. So from there? This is who I am. If you don't like it, there's someone else over there. I'm over trying to get people to see things they don't want to.

Bad hair days? I call them emotional hair days and generally will do everything I can to stay in my own mind then.

Nice to meet you Piercing the Veil. Thanks for stopping by my part of the blogosphere.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I don't do religion, but have come to believe there is some sort of karma. We have to hope for some sort of reckoning for our deeds both good and bad, but particularly the bad, otherwise a person could do whatever they want even if it harms others without fear of any consequences.

Don't have much hair - I guess I could have a bad scalp day....

Piercing The Veil said...

@ ipanema life is just like this .. but sometimes we think: THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME!... but it is... and it happens
and yeah it is really futile .. there is no point ...

true we should let it go by .. and if you really care smetimes you cant sleep but then again is there a better way?

@forever ... thank u... and thanks for your award, i appreciate it a lot.. sure I will always be me

@whimsi Precisely... every one has a right to air his or her grievance ...and when you know it is right then go ahead make your point and you know you should because it is right

just as you know you owe to apologize to someone you should ... you owe it also to yourself to tell the truth and plea the not guilty one and you know you do

true... just live it behind ... just let it be...

@dian evans you are very welcome too I am happy as well

@Jeremy ... yeah clean clands ... congratulations to your blog by the way

Playwithworsxoxo...thnx for inviting me to quip... nice topics you have.. sorry was not able to drop by today though ... ill be there soon

@BBC ..ello nice for you to drop by and leave a comment
Exacty there are some .. they could never get enough no matter what... as if breaking you down into pieces

well its up to each and everyone of us to handle it and deal with it either TO MAKE OR BREAK ... nice handling for you though

and we need to be more crucial with this delicate points to look into the gulty ones and those which are not than more than you can see because there are misleading paths...

good for you to have short hair...well I don't

@Dian Evans.. hi again and thanks...yeah I will ... and i did a while ago i had a nice start of the weekend

@Ces ... you are welcome... you like the photo eh? ... me too it scared me the first time i did see it
Really we often have the dialogue with ourselves : HOW DID I END UP HERE???

Mistakes are true to be corrected... that is why we have erasers .. braces... canes ... correctional eyeglasses...coz in this world no body is perfect

@Paint black are welcome yeah you are my friend though we dont have the same language of the tongue ... we share the same language of passion ... art

@Zielda Right very right indeed... no effort could suffice if a mind set is closed
Maybe you are right ... well it is just an idiom ... emotional may be the right term

We get emotional if we are misjudge... wrongs we have done we are ready to accept and be sorry for them but accusations which are baseless how can you ?
Me too ... nice to have met you and read your story

@Phosgene Kid ...Yes there is Karma but it works only for what you deserve to have ... if you did bad then you deserve to be punished but just what you did nothing more nothing less ... if you did good you deserve to be rewarded same.. nothing more nothing less

...but what if the premise is not there and you did nothing wrong or nothing good ... and they accused you to have done wrong? Will you keep silent just because of Karma? and what will karma do to you ? Punish you for doing nothing? You only fear of karma if what accusation brought to you is correct.

We have to reflect and be remorseful of misdoings. Should you sign a book which you did not author or a contract of which you are not privy of?

Nice for you too to have a short hair ... keeps you from blowers and gel like BBC

To all gud am
have a nice weekend

I am said...

hilarious shot :)

as for the post goes..shutting up does not help..if the person matters then clearing up even a dirt of misconception or misunderstanding is WORTH IT...else BMJ (BHAR MEIN JA, its a n indian word coined by me and may be others too - MEANING get lost in the most ugliest way)

I find it better to just vent out my thoughts rather than holding them inside..NO too much space u see :) I have no room for -

MISS(conceptions, understandings, leading, judged, etc...) in my life..either 0 or 1

chalo see ya next shot..

Piercing The Veil said...

yes i am it is true .. most of us have no rooms for mises... either we all need to figure it out how to get rid of the excesses or how to make room ...

nice insighr

Piercing The Veil said...

finally superbol is finished and the giants won !!!!! amazing .... i think ill probably write all about it ... but not now i am too tired....

M said...

yes a clean conscious, does that even exist? i sometimes wonder that we are who we are because of the mistakes we make in life. we are better people having recognized and learnt from our mistakes.

as for people having the wrong perceptions about you, the people who matter will not misunderstand you or will wait for you to explain before forming opinions. the rest don't matter. have fun.

M said...

the wrong turns make you a good driver!