Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Interpreted poem of Guiseppe Ungaretti
by: Delorko Olinko

After such


one by one

the stars


I breath in

the freshness

which leaves me

the color of sky

Know myself again




whirled immortal

This and the poem on my previous post was written by Guiseppe Ungaretti, an Italian soldier of war. As a soldier during the war that he has been through he wrote many short poems ... the once he experienced along the way ... those that he witnessed in the said war and what he actually felt through his struggle of his emotions... wits ... and for him to keep his sanity and his heart as a whole.

Indeed it was writing this beautiful and insightful lines which made him conquer all of which he was prone to under the war ... making him sensitive mostly to his consciousness to the universe and to dear life.

Although Ungaretti pertained all his poems with the war he experienced ... one could relate most of his thoughts with his or her life ... of everyday living.

The poem in this post ... I interpret it as

losing one's self in the middle of vagueness and subsequently calmly finding it again ...

... surpassing something imeasurable and realizing that one is still whole ... thus breathing again ... and aware of mostly one's existence...
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DeLi said...

poignant poem..i always long for that, the state of being serene...

thanks for passing by my place once again

paintblack said...

Connaissez vous René CHAR ? (poète Français)
il doit exister des traductions.
vous aimerais... peut être.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

He exquisitely captured a fleeting state that is hard to achieve.

ipanema said...

it's beautiful, both the poems and the sketches.

Miladysa said...

I LOVE your blog title!

This poem is beautiful.

Do you know where the poet was a prisoner of war? Which country?

Piercing The Veil said...

@ deli serenity is a state of mind and is a choice if we want to we can ... only we just try not to think to much

@paint black yes i have already seen some translated works of rene char and i am pleased with his works too his aphorism particularly ... i will make a post of it next time

@yes whimsi he trancended something beyond the ordinary hence his soul is immortalized

@ ipa thanks for liking the poem as well as my sketch ... sometimes when i sketch i am in a state of mind and after i read poems or before then i can see a piece with goes my sketch or i either jot down some lines if i have time

@ miladysa I do not know if he had been a prisoner of war ... all i know is that he was wandering throughout the war with comrades... anyway he was born in Alexandria , Egypt served in Italian Infantry during the WWI it in this times that he developed the passion for writing all what is felt deep within him. Hi concise and self contained style is called Hermeticism
tnx for liking it