Sunday, January 13, 2008


Just a typical Saturday …had a couple of beers with a friend while I am doing this post … I did not go out this Saturday.

Shopping time ….

Tomorrow I’ll go at Macy’s …at 34th street to buy jeans. Wanted to buy a pair Citizen’s for humanity the dark denim. And probably grab a bite at Gray’s Papaya … well the best hot dog in town. Then have some walking and buy a hoodie at Abercrombie and Fitch … I saw this blue jersey hoodie last year and I really wanted to get it.

I do not usually shop anything at once … it will take me time to decide whether to buy the stuffs I want. Well not an Impulsive Buyer type …. I do not buy it at once and in the next day if it is still there …then it was really meant for me to buy it. And hoping to wait it to go on sale……. It helps not to be in a rush … saves you the bucks …. And it helps you realize whether or not you really want it.

Now I am yawning ….. I guess I’ll go get my 40 winks


truewonder said...

I want those jeans!!! I'd wear my "if you catch me you can **** me" boots with 'em. Crude, vulgar thoughts...
It's good to be truly true, raw or otherwise.
Hate to shop, but...I bet I'd have a blast with a cityfied person like you.
Interesting...not so deep today, but still daring, and drawing. Rise and shine, hope you got your winks and good dream?!
Take care-

Lorêny Portugal said...

I wrote about a lover that lives so far , in other state. But we always talk ourselves by the!
It's a Matisse picture (figure), it have the letter of my name "L"... and of the other side, a! This happens really...

Kisses,meu querido amigo... S2

Lorêny Portugal said...

I wnat to see your face, your eyes and smiles...


elusive said...

and am an impulsive buyer to the core. i like something put up on the mannequin and it goes in my shopping bag. it's more like i came i saw i conquered :)