Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Res gestae is an account of things done from one who had just witnessed a startling occurrence fresh from his or her mind

Today …..

This morning it started to snow…. after a long while it didn’t, the last time the snow fell was before Christmas. And it was great having coffee and watching the crystals fall down on trees and the paved from afar my window… As if tiny particles of mana from heaven… numerous falling down visible in the eyes.

I tried counting … but I knew it was impossible. And then the crystals started to fall in a few from being numerous. Still it would be impossible. But it was a such a bliss for me today.

Well it only means one thing I still would have to put off the new trainers I just bought for a while for a fine tune in … for a long time the city has been sunny yet chilly so it was a good time for a run but for this morning ….

Continuation of Yesterday’s celebration….

Yesterday was one hell of a day… I was in the city for a shop and dinner with Iris my flat mate then…

We were hurrying to get ourselves home to have a beer and watch the Super Bowl the game between the NY Giants and NE Patriots with a friend, Christian. When Iris and I got home the game already started … Christian was already on the coach helping himself with a Samuel Adams feeling a bit disappointed … the Giants were down to a 3 and the Patriots leading to a 7.

You know what I mean … the possibilities of the Giants losing were greater than that of losing … but still we were hopeful, the 3 of us. So Iris and I got some beers from the ref and joined our friend on the coach. It was a sequence of turning the leads ... the giants managed to take a lead only to put the Patriots again back to the lead.

The Final moment came and it was quite hard for the Giants to win the game …I took a sip from my bottle my 2 friends were losing hope ..our anxious eyes on the big screen .... there all our attentions were focused … heavy breaths….

When the unexpected –but-hoped-for event happened the Giants had a winning touch down by Buress. Wow! Christian and I jumped and hifived …. Matchel (Iris) screamed with glee and all hopes were awakened as if we were also in the field watching the very same game the boob tube was televising live. The coach of the Giants displayed a grin and was awakened from dullness and boredom whereas the Patriots coach… just showed a scratch in the head … and had hoped for something in contrast from me and my 2 friends were hoping for … but the Giants kept on coming …and the patriots never recoverd…. Thus a victory to the former.

Right after the game was finished we held a lot of yelling and noise outside. We thought some people were fighting and the sirens were continuously sounding. We went out to see what was the locomotion all about only to find out that a lot of people were merry making having the same sentiments and moments as me and my 2 friends were having at that moment.

Then we saw fireworks in the sky from a distance. It occurred to us that our eyes and concentration were not the only ones fixated on the screen earlier during the game but perhaps almost all of New York and New England or maybe the whole wide world. We said to ourselves … “Oh and it was not only us … “ then we laughed and went inside.

It was just at one point that we had to enjoy the moment .. aside from the victory that the Giants had … they were able to break the winning streak of the Patriots of having a perfect season of zero defeats or losses. And the game was a perfect picture of pure faith and determination. That really at the last minute of a game or of anything when you put. I admire the spirit ….Marvelous just marvelous

And I remembered what the Altar boy’s talk was earlier yesterday in the church was… he was talking about his life in the Seminary and about life in general connecting it to the Super Bowl that would still have to happen latter.

That in a football there are several players and a long runs to encounter like life … and each and everyone of us are receivers of the ball. That every receipt of the ball passed one should be on guard to see if he is in the open … free of guards and obstacles. And when he is …he receives the ball ...run in his mightiest amidst the obstructions that the other team makes and perform the ultimate … a touch down.

He furthered that in life … THE ALL KNOWING…EVER PRESENT UP THERE throws the ball at each one …as a receiver and the ball is the goal … a direction or a profession … and to go on to perform that goal and fulfilling it not only for the sake of doing so but with dedication.

YOU ...HOW DO YOU ENVISON LIFE OR YOUR GOALS? Is it like a sport too? Or you just see life as life? Any res gestae for you?

Later on today …. Again it stopped snowing in the early afternoon… it didn’t even leave a remnant of white in the streets. Crazy weather I guess….

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ipanema said...

I can always compare my life to any thing. Sometimes I notice a pattern - a looong one. I take it as part of the pattern. Spice of life though sometimes it's hard to accept that things happen.

BBC said...

Good morning, no snow here at all. Mild winters here.

I am presently reading Einstein - His Life and Universe. It's true that he often was at odds with his professors and had some of his own ways of learning.

But he also had many teachers and mentors, ones that he seeked out because he admired them. And then they were often at odds with each other. LOL

But they learned from each other, big minds do that.

Have a great day.

derick said...

there are times when a spontaneous reaction or comment one makes in certain situations is closer to the truth then if one were to carefully prepare an answer.
there is a saying that many a true word is said in jest.
i see my life in a realistic framework--that is my working life--there are many lessons all around us, whether it be from sports/ movies etc--it is all about an awareness to tying up the loose ends and being receptive in the moment of being.
listening is key--hearing without the distracting internal chatter.
to stop having dreams and goals is to wither and die a very slow death.
thanks for a great posting
i do not see what i do as the whole of who i am.

Lorêny Portugal said...

Hi Dear Friend...

About those posts... They are about the Carnival in Brazil. We are on Carnival now, it lasts 4 days here! It's wonderful. In the post I do a comparison between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. I say: Who did it say that a good Carnival is just in Rio de Janeiro???? X-9 is the name of a Samba School of our Carnival in São Paulo!!! She was beautiful!!!

Kisses, my Dear Friend!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"YOU HOW DO YOU ENVISON LIFE OR YOUR GOALS? Is it like a sport too? Or you just see life as life? Any res gestae for you?"

I think it is a bit of all of the above. It depends on the situation and my mood.

paintblack said...

C'est Géant...

Pas de neige mais un paysage de pluie sur ma page pour vous.
à bientôt

The Phosgene Kid said...

Life happens - it is up to the individual to try to stay out of the way.

Diana Evans said...

oh how I love the snow...especially when it falls slow ....and the flakes are huge....and they dance all the way down to the ground and as they settle on things they almost look like they float...

We are suppossed to get snow tonight....so hopefully I wake up and see a white wonderland...(just like when I was a child)...

I envision my life as a dream and everyday I can make decisions that will either make it magical or a nightmare....oh I like my quote...I will copy this one down...(spontaneous and so true)

Have a wonderful day!!! night!!!


Piercing The Veil said...

@ ipa yes life like imagination anything goes anything happens hence we could always relate our lives to almost anything even to nothingness

@ bbc i started to read the same book last saturday and ended up at page 90 the same day i stopped because i have to read some technical books for a study ... the book is very fascinating ... the first time i encountered the image of A.E. it was a mad scientist cartoons since then i thought that he was made but then again going back to the book A.E. has some of his eccentricities .. i love the book hope to finish it as soon as i can

@ derrick yes that is the concept of res gestae derrick the testimony of someone immediately taking into account the span of time of whether or not there was enough time to concoct a false one...
that is all we are here for to aim and fulfill phrophecies ... those which were written long before we were born

@loreny hi good to have you back again .. i am sure you are having a great time with the carnival... well are you a participant?... rs (joke)

@ whimsi well what is your mood when you read the question ? True moods are affected with our outlook
just that we should have something at least one picture of what are...

@ paint black thanks for the beautiful design laurent... i am honored for having been given a product of your imagination and your craft .... tnx again

@phosegene true that is why we are just like receivers in the game to see if we are in the open .. then if so we catch the ball ....and anything can happen while running towards the goal

@ian evans nice line here:oh how I love the snow...especially when it falls slow ....and the flakes are huge....and they dance all the way down to the ground and as they settle on things they almost look like they float...
seems you were inspired by the snow tnx


Michael said...

Thanks for visiting!

We too jumped for joy after the Giants won the game. We live in Wisconsin, so we're bummed that the Packers lost, but it's nice to see David slay Goliath!

Lorêny Portugal said...

Hello, dear!!!It would be cool to see you in a pic...

See ya...

zirelda said...

I love when the underdogs win. Maybe because I'm an underdog and seeing someone else win gives me hope that one day I too can win.

My life? I see no reason to be miserable through it. We are here for a short time relatively speaking and I will make the most of it and be as happy as I can be and learn and experience as much as I possibly can.

I'm not sure if that is a game or just life but I've seen an awful lot of people spend too much time being sad or mad or upset with what they don't have.

mmm, that's about all I have. :)

paintblack said...

c'est pour moi, toujours un grand plaisir de voir un de vos dessins.

Ha les traducteurs automatiques!!!
connaissais vous René Char?(google)
Vous allez aimer...

à bientôt

Piercing The Veil said...

@ michael tnx for jumping .... nice wrap up piglets you have my friend had a post for roasted pigs today... what a toruture..... tnx for dropping by

@ loreny ...yes i will soon dont worry ... hope your day is fine

@ z precisely but sometimes we need life is just a game that is why not taken seriously ... but there are times we have to have the stern look to have a reality check up out from the game

@ paint ... yes i will post soon some of what i have done ... im still busy ... and yes i have read some of rene char his life and work it is amazing i will make a post too as soon i have time probably tomorrow