Monday, March 3, 2008


(Sean Connery on the Voice)
> There comes a point of time that we stop a while to seek some piece of mind ….

Did it ever occur to you …. That you remain blank and could do anything amidst piles of papers waiting on your desk …. Numbers of voice messages on your answering machine waiting to be called back …deadlines nearing but then nothing has been started?

When all there is in the mind …are wandering thoughts …unuttered … not immortalized. Even how hard you try to squeeze it nothing comes out but then again there are these thoughts … screaming to get out.

And you seek for some peace … just a day … or even hours or minutes?

When the mind is aware that there are tons of tasks to be accomplished it tends to slack down influencing the whole of the body. It flies through spaces and time to a one serene place to seek it’s asylum.

As for myself … my mind soars … lightly these pass few days …. it’s mission rebels to what reality seeks … to move … work … run. But it goes the other way around.

Lately… at night …when Hypnos is at work it … my unconscious mind captures pictures of people … places … events …some known …some unknown. The latter …created by my mind to picture the peace it searches.

This field is the meadow where I spend to have my sweet serenity … of my past. The horse is Black Rain … who died just last year …. The exact scene where I always see him and before he gives me great rides.

Black Rain is not a person … he is a horse. And time and a gain I have told t myself not to attach myself to animals …ever since Peanut, my toy poodle died when I was in High School. But I guess one cannot avoid the inevitable … I am but human with a heart and soul.

The point of my write is …. when a lot of things bother us, we tend to search what has been missing. People … entity … things … events that has made us feel so good.

And although sometimes we might not be aware and we think all has been forgotten … but then again it was only in the conscious state…subconsciously nothing is erased …. And it remains there until we admit that it is deep within the heart and soul.

Whoever came … whatever had been felt … however it has been done … how much has been given … in one’s life it is always there.

The loss of my dog Peanut … my horse Black Rain no matter how painful would always be there … they are not people … what more to people … these phenomena I guess will always come back again and again to remind me I am human … I have loved … I have been affected … and there are effects.

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