Monday, January 28, 2008


‘I flood myself with light
of the immense’
(TRANSLATED WORK OF Giuseppe Ungaretti 1933)
The point is the effect of any vast realityof the physical universe on the human soul...
One should be exhilarant, with a sense of expansion, of inner radiance.
One should not be illuminated from without by sea or sky;
As Ungaretti we should illuminate ourselves by the contact: the fire of our souls burning high and
clear in its excitement...
from notes by JF Nims in ‘The Poem Itself’, Penguin Books, 1960
From my own notes:
sometimes in our understanding of things
we are illuminated by ur own wisdom
our own understanding and wisdom that makes us see things in our own
maybe right ... maybe wrong
so we need the wisdom coupled with some aid of the universe
and nature
amidst the darkness
we should not be forever dwell on our own misseries
but to let the inner radiance to shine upon us and make our days brighter
thus each one of us makes our own mornings from the light within
nothing could go wrong as long as we know what we believe in
and where we stand is the right path illuminated by truth
( continuation connected to another poem tomorrow)
gud eve