Thursday, February 7, 2008

L'Age Cassant

(I have experimented another medium... compressed chalk pastel)
by: Rene' Char

Ju suis ne’ comme le rocher, avec mes blessures.

I’ai de naissance la respiration aggressive

Translated by: Mary Ann Caws

I was born like a rock, with my wounds.

From birth I have had an aggressive breathing.


A person’s courage is innate… one not only acquires the attributes he has thru experience and interaction but thru birth.

And latter on imbued with these attributes as if part of one self …. tantamount as the oxygen we have partaken from the cord our mothers shared with us inside their wombs and of the first air that was inhaled … as soon as the lungs begun to function.

We think that we don’t have the guts to face trials ahead and to confront the long but narrow road we call life but then again little do we know that there is this certain potential force that runs in our veins like the verloin blood.

Of who we are … we are not made as we age but we were born to be who we are. The only differences would lie on the choice of whether to manifest these innate qualities we have through our convictions or we divert it to some other way.

Earlier I had made a comment about a post of Journeytime one of the blogs I usually visit and I was delighted with my comment that I did not want to let it pass without sharing my thought. It was about a response to his post entitled “The Persistence of Memory” and the main guise of my response was about the courage of letting go … and my thought goes: ( only an excerpt of the whole… just as those in connection with my post)

“Being stuck in a barb (wire) we must make a decision either... to have courage to pull the fangs of the barb deep within our skin... see our very skin bleed hence momentarily grief...
manifest cowardice just as to let the barb be pegged deep within our skin but forever be in pain…
… like a tooth ache which we procrastinate to leave it to the pliers of the dentist...

Letting go hard and painful but it is better than to hold on but be resentful.

Hard as it is to use a great part of our subconscious mind for it is a higher form of intelligence than the usual and true it takes a lot of trial and error ...but then again no one leads to perfection because it always yields to a perfect circle not a straight line”

Nota Bene:
Rene Char is a modern French poet. He was known for his profound poetic philosophy , most of it was his aphorisms. Aphorism like the French phrase above is a concise set of words leading into a thought and resolved with such tension unlike a poem or an essay which may be a bit lengthy expounding more the flow of thoughts.

Char is a surrealist which later on became a hero of French resistance. He is a good friend to some of the known artists… the likes of Braque, Giacometti and Picasso.
I hopee the wind has blown away the ashes of the painful memories...

Kung Hei Fatchoy
Happy Chinese New Year