Sunday, February 10, 2008

definition by contrast

> Today….

Was a chilly and breezy Sunday morning… went to mass then hang out with some friends at IHOP (international house of pancakes) to grab some brunch. Some chitchats this and that. Then I went home at 3 pm.

Right after I got home I went to the kitchen to get me a glass of water from the fridge… and guess what I noticed? The dried trees beneath my window slightly covered with white. Hallelujah… at long last the heavens again poured out its white… though again conservatively and I would still wait till tonight if it’ll be generous of its pouring.

Most of these days has been sunny days but chilly. Sometimes I could see the tip of the trees or plans with some signs of life again as if spring would by pass winter this time. I wonder if this is all part of the change of weather… and the global warming stuff.


But one thing caught my attention from the sight I had witnessed …the tree highlighted with the snow … must be a good one to draw … I said to myself a good one to experiment a new medium. And perhaps a good write will do

In comparison ….

The light colors highlight the darkness and emphasizes the solid form of a matter. For if it was only the dark pigment then it would only be a dull subject.

What defines light? Is it the light itself or is it the presence of shade? And vise versa…What defines the shade? Is it the shade in itself or is it the presence of light?

Can a white be white if there is not the contrast of black? And the same is asked the other way around can a black be black if there is no ivory but alone ebony?

I think the contour of each of the above is intensified by the presence of the other.

Exactly my next question would be? Can we say that a day would be tiring if there is no night to rest and refresh our vitality? And can we sleep throughout the night if there is no active day to go through...all but darkness… can we still call it a calm one if no tiring and noisy day to compare with.

Do we know what the difference if we don’t have a basis of comparison? Of our lives compared to others or that we might have lived or we might have become?

Complimentary leading to a conclusion…..

Like life the light and shade compliment each other with the way we live. A life illustrated with just the shade is a miserable and grim one…. And a life illuminated by too much light does not show the real image and its form…in both ways the vision is impaired… the appreciation is not authentic in the veracity of the essence of things… of people… of this thing we call… life.

Good Sunday…….

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