Wednesday, February 13, 2008


a good one

with whom....

....I shared an eye to look at the sky and the sunsets

...I enjoyed my childhood memories and dreams

....I stopped the hands of the clock

....I breathe the same misty air of night and at the that of the early morn's fresh air

... I see that the moon and the sun has no difference

... I understand the language of ambiguity

but then

Friendship is like the blending of the medium I have used in this piece. You may get the perfect hue but it is on the blending of this chalk that matters to come up with the harmony of the images one would want to project.

What if a mistake in stroking the chalk is made do we put the started sketch on the waste basket and try to start anew one or do we try to do something about it … do we get the eraser or use the fingers to smear the blackened shade to lighten it up… about the shade and the stroke so as to rehabilitate the defect in the ensuing art that we are making?

Likewise in friendship if the balance and harmony of the existence of both and it becomes a suffocating world to breath for two friends… Do we try to forget such bond and find new ones to start with?

Does friendship end? If so when? Is the bond curtailed by the fact of death?
Is the severance necessarily be mutual to put it to an end?

Can one be tired of being a friend? Or do we stick to the saying : once a true friend will always be a friend? Do we stop being a friend because our friend stopped being so towards us?

They say the vision of an artist when drawn or painted in a canvas or a piece … written in black and white or the lyrics rhymed with music is immortalized. So when can be friendship be immortalized?

In a friendship assuming arguendo that it goes into fade …exactly what is it that withers…. Is it the friend …. Is it the memories… or the totality of which?

Can our best friend be our best enemies….? What happens if like an art work the color blending is destroyed by a splat of water …. or the whole piece is burned by fire can you still envision it like an art work…. What happens… to friendship? What happens to the art work?

When do we give up explaining? When do we stop understanding? Do we succumb for its death after all?

Well all was is will be a friend to another….but a few will always be to another…..even after death.

Gud Eve