Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Friday Illo Theory: Bouyancy


the force of gravity and the bouyant force are almost the same ... ergo, human body just floats ... what causes drowning is the panic which mostly results to a force which aggravates the law of gravity


I learned how to swim early in life ... I have a couple of drowning experinces.

At 6 ... I did not know how to swim ... was in a pool with a life saver but it slipped over ... I almost drowend were if not for my friend ... who knew how to wim. She saved my life.

I then learned by myself to synchronice my hands with my feet with and against the waters ....


It was new Year's Day ... I was 11 .... my friend and i went to the shore to pick up some sea shells but for some reason or another we went swimming....

I knew how to swim already at this time ... but my friend did not. Next thing i knew the current of water was pullingas away from the shallow sea. My friend did not know what to do ... in other words she panicked. She tried to exercise the first law of man ... that of self preservation. the next thing I knew she had grabbed me and tried pulling me beneath the waters to go into the surface over to grasped some air.... good thing an adult nearby walking the shore came to the rescue. We were saved.

In other words ...

The human body as the theory points out floats if you do not panic ... otherwise you create unnecessary force to aggravate the gravity that will pull you down. When all you have to do is go with the flow of the waters sync it with your hands and limbs ... be relaxed.

The human body they say is the smallest body of water ....hence it should not collide with the waters of the sea. After all the only thing which seperates them is the skin ..... that which sense the panic.

When panic attacks everything shuts off. The mind can only think of fear .... and forgets to think.... the nose enroaches the mouth and forgets that it should be the mouth that should be breathing ... and next .... the hands and feet loses their coordination to perform the right moves ... the body goes stiff ... and go against instead of going with the flow....

One loses balances and agility to swim back instead sulk ... succumb beneath instead of flowing with and going on the surface ... inorder to breath.

In life ... life is like that ... we were built to face this world. And the waves of life ... we should go with it and not against it.... a movement that sways and not go against a you feel yourself soar amidst the waves.

The resilience were scattered when it was so ... everything had a piece but most of us forget ... or maybe do remember but ought not to.

For if we were not built to be bouyant in this world ... then a lot of death certificate would have made the primary cause of death as that of otherwise ... and you know what i mean.

Cheer up and good eve.....


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