Thursday, February 21, 2008


Two little ears heard:

That Turco..Turcs for short was the name he was called …..that was the name he was known by his siblings ( oh no his mother would not call him that name) … relatives … friends and that some whom he might not know would know that he was Turco.

Maybe because of his prominent Mestizo feature and with his toughie moustache trademark and often with rosie cheeks …a Turkish looking guy which he had inherited from his Spanish-Argentine parentage.

6 decades and 36 months ago Turco was born. He was born in a decade when the World War II begun and ended …between the transition of the radical 30’s to the conservative 50’s … the decade of the Hiroshima bombing … the fateful Holocaust and when amity of nations resulted to the establishment of the United nations.

At that time when his mother had probably been taking the labor pains to bring young Turks to this world … Joe D’Magio was probably making a hit on the baseball field or …. when he had his first steps Fred Astaire must’ve been shooting somewhere in the West … Humphrey Boggart would have been saying his “Honestly-My-Dear-I –Don’t-Give –A-Damn” line to some chick.

He is the 4th child in a sibling of 8. A middle child but he was the favorite of all. He was born from a family where his dad was not doing well on his job and his mom was just a plain housewife.

So he started early in life. He started to earn a living when he was 16 … started to put up small business some of which failed ..some were a success. Eventually he had mastered the trade of a well learned business man… a self made man. Perhaps they say that he has the vision of a businessman and the wits of a lawyer and the heart of a child .

Two little eyes saw …

That he is a loving husband and a loving father of 3 girls. The colorful kites he would teach his kids to fly on windy days of November …on how patiently he thought them how to drive a car at an early age on a summer on country roads ….His good taste for clothes and fashion.

The spirit of this man is unbreakable that amidst darkest days he would always seem to find a rainbow along his way. There will always be a sunshine that soars upon his conviction in life.

A little sooul felt …

The tenderness on the hands of this man ….how compassionate he is... not only to his family or friends but to strangers … the needy who would need help. A selfless act he would often perform.

The ever forgiving heart that this man possess … every time someone would bring him a hurting heart. The passion he has for his life … for the life and health of his loved ones …. The youthful spirit that is infectious to everyone he encounters….

Now those 2 little ears …those 2 little eyes…the little soul are no longer little but too little to be that of the person that Turcs is and will always be … all she can do is to write this post for him.

For teaching me how to fly kites
For teaching how to drive at age 9

Copyright Symbol 2006